Aqua Vitae – That’s the spirit!

This world-famous Pálinka originates from the 14th century, when „spirits” were regarded as medicine.

Pálinka is fruit brandy made in Hungary: to name a spirit “pálinka”, it has to be mashed, distilled, matured and bottled in Hungary. One shot of Pálinka has the taste, smell and aroma of half a kilo of Hungarian fruit.

The real deal is without added alcohol or flavouring, it may not be coloured or sweetened.


What to look for when shopping Pálinka?


  • The price of Pálinka bears a high amount of tax, which is at least 700-1000 HUF per half litre. Hence, Pálinkas sold at a suspiciously low price are most likely not true Pálinkas.
  • The label of the Pálinka must include:
    • the word „Pálinka” following the name of the fruit,
    • the alcohol content of the product – at least 37.5%
    • the composition: may only be fruit or pomace Pálinka and water


How to enjoy Pálinka properly?

The key rule to proper Pálinka consumption is that it is meant to be consumed at room temperature, between 18-20 degrees Celsius.

Pálinka is best enjoyed if tasted slowly, sipping, it may both be consumed before meals as aperitif or after meals as digestive.


Where there is Pálinka, there also is Paprika!

Hungary’s cuisine can thank it’s most important spice to the Turkish invasion. The paprika, which was once called ‘Turkish pepper’ is the main spice of the Chicken paprikás, but also of today’s goulash and goulash soup.

Although the Paprika is not indigenous in Hungary, using it as a base to dishes by roasting it on pork fat with onions, is a Hungarian invention.